Blogger Introduction:


My name is Gary and I live in the Bangor Maine area. I am not a native Mainer, though my mother was. I was born and raised in southwest Washington state.

Why Maine?

I spent a few summers up here when I was a kid and just loved it. My relatives, on my mother's side of the family, hail from Maine. What I remember from my childhood was a fun group of French-Canadians who knew how to enjoy life.

My girlfriend/business partner and I moved to Maine back in 2006. Before that we lived in Tempe, Arizona, for three years. Before that, we lived in the Seattle Washington area. Seattle is where we met a long, long time ago.

For sixteen years, my business partner and I have been hauling our Internet business around with us as we moved around the country.

Enough of that!

My blog is here.