Clarence Thomas Writes Bold, Anti-American Decision

Well, well, here we go again. Another slap in the face to average Americans.

You see, we average Americans are not suppose to notice that:

A. Wall Street bankers, who totally screwed up our economy which, I might add,
it is still undecided whether it will even come back at all, are apparently not going to be prosecuted at all, at least it appears that they are getting away with it…


B. An innocent man, wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for 14 years, who was actually on death row for a murder he did not commit (and saw 7 men go to their deaths), was exonerated because the prosecutors did not share vital information to the defense so that the court could provide a “fair” trial for him, and he, even now, does not deserve justice for the willful crime the prosecutors’ office perpetrated.

This is how it is folks. The right-wing agenda of injustice for all is in full bloom. Wine and flowers for the mucky mucks, chicken soup and bread lines for you.

Please read this article to get a glimpse of what the right has in store for you. Don’t get in trouble unless you are rich, have rich relatives, or have lots of money.

Cruel but Not Unusual: Clarence Thomas writes one of the meanest Supreme Court decisions ever. by Dahlia Lithwick

In another article on the subject:

Scott Lemieux points out: “by all-but-immunizing (District Attorney) Connick for the conduct of his subordinates, the court has created a perfect Catch-22, since the courts already give prosecutors absolute immunity for their actions as prosecutors (though they may still be liable for their conduct as administrators or investigators). By immunizing their bosses as well, the court has guaranteed that nobody can be held responsible for even the most shocking civil rights violations.”



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