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The ‘haves’ in the oil industry, the health insurance industry, the financial sectors, had better start showing material support for new, green technologies and better more honest business practices or they had better hope that the new (“middle class”) wealthy will not show them as much scorn as they have shown to us once they slip from the top.


Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

What to do? What to do? Should House and Senate Democrats accept the Obama/Republican tax-cut agreement, or should they reject it?

Once in a while, someone should stand with the American people. The Republicans won’t and now it appears that President Obama won’t either. Sure, you can argue, as #42 and #44 have done, that this is the best deal you are bound to get. And, with the Republicans owning the House come January, this may be true.

However, once in a while, there does come a time to fight for what you know to be right. What are the facts? The uber wealthy have spent the last three decades having the luxury of every advantage in life. The uber wealthy are flush, folks. They do not need even more tax advantages. Of course, there are some uber wealthy folk who think these tax cuts are outrageous, but they aren’t the ones employing all the lobbyists.

So, what should the Senate and House do?

This seems a simple enough matter.

House and Senate Democrats should reject this agreement if the Republicans can not see themselves voting for a more reasonable compromise. The Democratic Party Senators and Representatives will all benefit as their esteem with American voters will grow, and these Representatives’ and Senators’ personal self-esteems will grow as they all discover that they do indeed have balls after all.

And, what about President Obama (facing down the Commander and Chief)? If you succeed in foiling the Republican plan to scuttle any hopes the middle class in America might still have, President Obama will be fine. He’s an adult and can quite easily turn his situation around once he finds his balls too.

If you fail, well, you will still have the esteem of the American people. In 2012, for those coming up for election, you will be able to beat down the Republicans as you will be considered, legitimately, the “voice for the American People.”