Rand, Rand, Rand

So senate candidate Rand Paul (R-KY), has a plan for fixing the deficit, and a budget too. But he says that he will not be talking about it until after the elections.

Okay, Rand, so you are telling the voters of Kentucky, that they should vote for you without knowing what you are going to do/for them?

That is like buying a horse without taking it for a canter. Like buying a car without kicking the tires, or checking the dipstick for metal particles.

Sounds reminiscent of when John McCain during the presidential debate exclaimed that he knew how to get bin Laden. John made it sound like he had his cave address or, at a minimum, had GPS coordinates. So, now that the elections are over, and John McCain didn’t win, why didn’t he go to the DOD and clue them in on how to get bin Laden? Why? Because he was lying. He has no idea on how to get bin Laden. He just said that to help his election chances.

. . .

So, Rand Paul, you got a plan? Let’s hear it.

Just as I thought! There is no plan!

He is just lying to improve his chances of getting elected.

Come on people of Kentucky. You wouldn’t, really, vote for this guy, would you?