News of the Day: Beck Rally

I would like to write a little something every night, but I am not sure if I am up to the rigors of this.

Today was a big day for Glenn Beck, so it would appear. He had a rally of what Sarah Palin might call “real” Americans in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Doesn’t appear to me that he was able to rally as many supporters as he had dreamed he could. Even with all the FreedomWorks buses to bring in the additional workers, I mean attendees, he still was far short of the half million he had hoped for.

I guess America is not as desperate as he had imagined.

He is right about one thing, though. America is angry with our government, and for good reason. Our government is no longer governing for the benefit of the people of this country. Sure, they will offer a tidbit now and then, but the bulk of the goodies goes to corporations–our government’s  biggest donors.

The problem is simple. Do we do what Glenn Beck and the right wingers want to do? Tear the government down and cede control of the country to their corporate masters. Nah, that sounds dangerous to our dwindling middle class, and the poor.

Or, would it not be more desirable to educate ourselves so that we can research our governmental candidates so that we can make informed election decisions? Of course this would be better.


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